3 Simple Ways to Find Self Belief

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One of the hardest parts of growing up are the negative thoughts in our heads that come with daily challenges and hardships. Here we call them… the monkeys! And unfortunately everyone has them from time to time. For some, it is more than others. Maybe your test score wasn’t what you wanted. Or maybe you’re just having a bad day and really realllyyy wanted that one thing from the shops but they were sold out of it (this is hard especially when it’s your favourite chocolate). 

All these, and plenty more are perfectly reasonable kickstarters for negative thoughts to find their way into our brains.

And when this happens we might find ourselves feeling distracted, not wanting to do things, or fearful of doing things.

These are the pesky monkeys.

They love to come and party in our heads sometimes when we are not feeling our greatest! 

They love to distract, dissuade and talk us out of doing things because of fear.

But these monkeys don’t belong in our heads all the time. They belong in the jungle where they are free to cause a ruckus!

3 Simple Ways to Find Self Belief

Look at what you have achieved already!

If the dissuasion monkey is telling you to not do something, take a deep breath, and think about all the cool, awesome things you have done in the past. You used your determination and talent to achieve all those wonderful things. Now think; what would stop you from doing this now? Surely not a monkey!

Take some time out for yourself 

When we feel distracted and we don’t want to do what we should be doing – like homework, walking the dog, or even feeding the fish – it can be really good to close your eyes and shoo away those distracting monkeys. They might be persuasive, but you are always in control! The more you remember whose boss, the easier this will get. And don’t worry, this may take some practice, but eventually it will be second nature to you!

Be kind to yourself

When we feel scared or fearful of doing something wrong, or not being good enough at something, it can stop us from even trying in the first place. The fear monkey will try its hardest to stop us from doing our best or doing anything at all, which can make us feel sad. The best way to clear a fear monkey out of your head is to collect a bunch of positive words and affirmations that you think best suit you. I’m talking 50+ words! Whenever you are feeling fearful because of those monkeys, take your time to write down which positive words you believe describe you best. And believe in what you are writing. Maybe even draw some pictures and make your journal wonderful and beautiful – just like you!