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The Monkey Mind Madness App is a study tool that provides strategies for students to become independent learners and addresses the emotional and intellectual well-being of students whilst studying, it is a focus and mind-set tool to achieve faster, easier results in school and study.

“Our App brings together mindfulness practices and time chunking strategies for better results and quality study so kids can get back to having fun.”

The Monkey Mind Madness App has a depth of presence and motivational techniques to inspire students to overcome thoughts that stop them from achieving their best. We use cartoons, bright colours and childlike qualities to open up the mind, feel relaxed, learn better and retain more information. We want to take students of all ages back to that child like mindset, as in your fun child mind you don’t have fears and self limiting beliefs that stop you, it’s in this mind that you become a faster learner. ‘YOU CAN!’

Learn how to avoid distractions and never let fear get in your way of achieving your goals.

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