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Meet Amanda Hamer from Daydream Creative

We have really enjoyed creating branding, an app and this custom designed website for Taming The Monkey Mind Madness.

We met with our client to discuss the concept, her visions, created a colour pallet and from there we created a plan of how we would bring her brand to life!

“We really believe that meeting with our clients and getting a through understanding of their needs and overall desired outcomes results in a more successful project experience.”

From there we created the main monkey icon by brainstorming, looking at other monkey illustrations and actual photographs of Monkeys. We first hand illustrated the icon (over and over again) until we were happy with the features. We needed to develop a happy and slightly cheeky main monkey. We then illustrated it digitally and applied colour until we fell in love with our monkey!

We then added the custom typography elements we had developed to compliment the icon and refined to finalise the logo design.

Main logo

We then went further and designed three different monkeys icons that represent the different thoughts you have while studying. These will be used in the infographic and app.


all iconsWe had so much fun designing these monkeys with varied elements to represent the different thoughts. These are also colour coded for varied use.

We also had to designed a varied version of the main monkey while he is listening to meditation. I think he is my favorite!

other mWe then designed the the app (super exciting!), the custom designed website and an infographic to explain the concept visually for students and parents.

We are super proud of the brand we have created and our client could not be happier. Stay tuned for more amazing developments coming soon for The Monkey Mind Madness!

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