Back To School Lunchbox Ideas

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Back to school lunchbox ideas…Making school lunches everyday can be, lets face it, boring and repetitive. It can be hard to find new and creative ways to get the kids to eat healthy, and enjoy what they are eating!

Often it is a test of patience when making lunch…always trying new recipes, crossing your fingers and hoping they don’t find their way to the bottom of the school bin! There really is nothing worse than coming home to find out such news, and on top of that, hangry kids dying for some sweets with monkeys on their mind.

However…with this new school year approaching incredibly fast, we have come up with 3 fantastically fun back to school lunch box recipes which will make going back to school fun, fast and easy for both you and your kids!

3 Fun, Fast and Easy Lunch Box Recipes


.Fishing Trip Lunchbox

Using the leftover fish fingers from the night before, this lunchbox idea makes eating exciting for kids, and easy for parents to make – a win for everyone! Its imaginative name, along with its delicious main course – the beloved fish fingers – and its healthy side snacks, make for a perfectly balanced lunch which is both healthy and yummy!

The addition of chopped up cucumbers and tomatoes, cheese sticks and maybe even a sultana packet for a bit of extra sugary goodness create a wonderfully tasty lunch that you know WON’T get left in the bottom of their bags, or worse…chucked in the bin. With a lunch box this different and filled with this much yummy-ness there’s no way to go wrong!


Mickey Mouse Lunchbox

This cute and fun lunchbox really gets kids excited to eat their lunch… The Mickey Mouse sandwich you make can brighten their day – and yours when you find out how easy it is to make!

Begin with one piece of bread, spread butter and either vegemite or nutella, then fold in half. Once you open it, you will see it makes the shape of mickey mouse ears! Such a fun, simple way to make a plain sandwich interesting. Pair this with cheese sticks, grapes or any other fruits you have at home – the more the merrier. You will find that the kids love the surprise that comes with this lunch, and it will become a family favourite in no time!


Polly Wanna Cracker Lunchbox

Crackers and dip for lunch is a great way to change things up…a container of hummus with crackers and carrots to dip is such a great way to make lunch a bit different and out of the ordinary.

Add a cheese stick, some fruit and while you’re at it, check out the fridge – any leftover chicken pieces? They work so well with this and are a great filler for the lunch box. It makes lunch easier for you to make everyday andddd gets the kids to eat healthy without even knowing it (which is often a mighty task).