Dealing With Self Doubt

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Everybody has times in their lives when they don’t feel good about themselves. This is normal. And our kids ride the same roller coaster of emotions. Dealing with self-doubt is an important skill.

Kids too often get caught up comparing themselves to their friends and others in the school yard. And they too have moments when they doubt themselves. 

And we all know that self-doubt is a cloud that pops up all through life. No matter what the weather. 

So let’s look at some ways we can help our kiddos deal with self-doubt. 

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The power of “I Am

The affirmation “I Am” is super powerful, it goes straight to the heart and soul of each of us.

One of the best ways when dealing with self-doubt is to create “I am” statements that your child can repeat out loud. 

Some powerful “I Am” statements include;

I am funny

I am a great listener 

I am strong

I am caring of my friends when they get hurt

I am brave

I am smart

I am a great learner

What’s Next?

Next is to plaster these all around the place. 

Write them on the bathroom mirror 

Write them on the fridge 

Create an ‘I am’ jar 

Write them in a journal 

Say them out loud in the car 

Whatever you choose, the magic sauce is to turn this into a habit. 

However you choose to use your affirmations, make the process a daily habit and this will certainly help with kicking self-doubt to the curb – for good!!