Don’t Feed the Monkey

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The sign at the Zoo has so much relevance to staying positive. Like any animal if you feed it, it will hang around or come back for some more. And when things appear to be literally going down the hill and you’re tumbling like a weed in the dessert wind, it can be hard to stop the negative thought train.

As your focus narrows on the wrong, the bad and the difficult, that’s all you start seeing. If this is all you see, it is all you feel. It’s like feeding the monkey a packet of nuts and expecting them to know when they’ve had enough. And they don’t.

My monkey mind thoughts would whip up like a tornado, not only collecting everything in it’s path but destroying the good stuff too.

So if you’ve read this and identified with any of it, I hope you feel a little bit inspired!

Article by Annabelle Shae