Homework Hacks for Hard Days

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We’ve all been there. The days when getting the homework book out feels like climbing mount everest – and having to walk it without a jacket. But here at Monkey Mind Madness, we are all about aiming to make learning as fun and easy as possible, for both kids and parents. Whether you’re stuck in lockdown or you have just come home after a long day of learning and working, homework can still be fun and interesting for everyone! Not only does it boost self-belief, but it builds confidence through achieving goals – Which also helps so much during class time in school. 

Hack 1: Make time for homework

Allow yourself to set out time to do homework with your kids, so that you can be there to help if they need. And plan for smaller sessions together. Homework time will go quicker and feel easier when it’s a 20 minute session for a couple of days every week, rather than one long drawn out 2 hour session. And it will be much less stressful for everyone.

Hack 2: Reward Successes

After tiring and troublesome maths questions or hard to answer english questions, doing homework can get super tiring and boring. A good way to avoid this is to reward your kids’ successes after they do their work! Celebrate these small wins together. Whether it be their favourite snack, or playing a game – kids will be excited to do homework in the future and it will become so much easier!

Hack 3: Pick a homework spot

Pick a spot in the house and make it a warm, welcoming place to do homework. Pull out the pencil jars, hang some homework reminders on the wall and make this the place where you will always do homework!

Hack 4: Make it Fun

Find yourself some colourful pens and fun stationary to liven up homework time! Bring energy to your afternoon! Make homework less of a drag through colour and fun!