How To Nurture Your Kids Health

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If you’re stuck in lockdown right now you might be finding it hard to keep up with your health – both mentally and physically – I get it! Motivation can be hard to find, and even harder to maintain once you have it! But now more than ever it is so important to help lift others up as well as yourself – to nourish your wellbeing and help your family in nurturing their own. 

Being in lockdown is difficult for everyone, and for kids it can seem very confusing and scary because of how different life has become! In knowing this, it is important to help and nurture your kids during this hard time – to teach them resilience and support their mental health. 

Here are some helpful ways to nurture your kids’ health during lockdown:

Cultivate interest and hobbies

Help keep your kids interests and hobbies alive! Encourage them to partake in these activities everyday and take interest in their interests – make them feel valued in what they take a liking to!

Encourage your kids to focus on the moment

A good way to nurture your child’s mental health is to encourage them to change their thinking patterns, and worry less about the future. One way to do this is to focus on the present time and what is happening each day – from the breakfast you eat, all the way to the bedtime story you read. And if you find the future troubles lurking, maybe practice some meditation or show them how to take some relaxing time for themselves.

Set aside outdoor time

Being able to set aside time each day to go outside to play or exercise is so so important to nurture good mental health. Especially during lockdown, it is essential to get some vitamin D and fresh air – it’s surprising how much this can positively affect you and your family! Playing fun games, riding the bike or even just going for a walk can make a huge difference.

Make family time fun and engaging 

While you have endless amounts of time with your family in lockdown, make the most of it! Family game night on the weekends can be a fun event to look forward to during lockdown. Whether it be trivia, card games or board games! The sillier the game the more fun it will be, and it will help your kids feel excited in a time where life may feel a little bland.