Independent Learners

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Taming the Monkey Madness is changing the way children become independent learners.

All children learn through PLAY.  It has to be FUN.  When children are having FUN they are more open to concepts and curious.   Independent Learners develop high levels of resilience, positive mindsets and skills in self care.  It enables them to get up from a fall and restart where they left off without that sick feeling they have ‘failed’.  Independent Learners have an amazing connection to their self worth.  This alone has so many benefits for their mental health, physical energy levels and social engagement.

How do you develop independent learning I hear you ask?

Teach children to Tame the Monkey Mind Madness.

There are five steps to calming the homework ‘witching hour’.

  1. W.I.N.  Help your child decide What Is Important Now.  A little bit of dialogue about when homework is due, exams are on, assignments need to be handed in.  This helps them to prioritise.
  2. REMOVE DISTRACTIONS.  Set up their space, remove devices and demonstrate how ‘less’ important others stuff is through conversations about the bigger goal.
  3. FOCUS MEDITATION. Children need time to settle into the task at hand.  Four minutes of meditation is the optimal time to zone in on that task and open up the learning mind.
  4. SET TIMER.  Time Chunking Vs Stage Goals. Setting a timer sets a realistic goal and chips away at what’s important.  Works great for ‘rewards’ too.
  5. REWARD. When the buzzer goes off on the timer, children become instantly aware of how much they achieved in that time.  Over time they realistically adjust their expectations, reduce anxiety and develop self validation through seeing for themselves what they are capable of achieving.

Whilst this is the breakdown, theres other areas of independent learning to consider. Motivation, Inspiration, Desire & Interruptions.  Parenting is hard enough, and a generation of people pleases heard “Just do it for me’ and went on to loose motivation when the validation wasn’t there. The previous generation were intimidated with fear of failure. But now that there is a better way, as parents we can do better and so will our children.

Independent Learning is all about believing in yourself, intrinsic motivation and acceptance in what has been achieved in that time frame.

Published by Annabelle Shae