Parenting in the 21st Century

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Real Life Parenting in the 21st Century

Monkey Mind Madness has been compared to the Healthy Harold for the children of the 21st Century.

With the epidemic of over stimulated childhoods, anxiety and depression; distractions have become the enemy of the modern parent.

The Raising Children Network says “that research shows that teenagers are at an increased risk of poor mental health, antisocial behavior and risk taking behavior and this might be because of stronger emotional responses in adolescence, changes in motivation or difficulties balancing emotions.”

This is where ‘Taming the Monkey Mind Madness ‘school incursions have closed the gap. Actually they built the bridge and removed the Toll. This team of Monkey Tamers are teaching kids what these emotions, thoughts and behaviors are, and how they can develop strategies to tame these monkey thoughts and become a Monkey Tamer themselves.

Awareness plus strategy helps children to stay focused and concentrate on ‘What’s Important Now’, A WIN! A combination of Mediation for focus and Time Chunking, breaks down the task. Each session in itself creates accomplishments and achievements that shows kids how they can develop self validation, rather than relying on an external sources to do so. I have fallen in love with my little Monkey’s and have empowered my children to be Monkey Tamers to for a calmer, faster and easier way to get homework, assignments even chores done.

Article by Anabelle Shae
Writer and parent of 4 who was introduced to a simple way to give confidence, develop independent learners and create peace in her house during homework time.