Self Image

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In this day in age, growing up is getting harder and harder. Kids doubt themselves more, and with the easy access to social media and tv, it is so much more than just the bullies on the playground that have an effect on a kids confidence.

Here at Monkey Mind Madness we are all about creating confident independent learners by building resilience and high self esteem…and we know that the better you feel about yourself, the better you feel about everything! You can learn so much more easily, have so much more fun and be so much more happier. 

And that starts with the words that we use ourselves.

The words our kids use about themselves have the power to transform their lives forever!

Our words are like a paintbrush, creating a picture on a canvas. The canvas is the life our kids live, and the painting is created through the words they use everyday. 

So, let’s build up the Monkey Mind Madness confidence!


3 Simple Ways To Build Positive Self Image


Place posted notes on the mirror …When they brush their teeth they have to repeat the positive words written on the posted notes!

Using a whiteboard marker write affirmation on the mirror next to their reflection

Pop up 3 affirmations that the whole family can use together, pump up your favourite song and dance as you say them!