The Dancing Hearts Experiment

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For those days when distracting and dissuasive monkeys make learning hard, we have a solution…The Dancing Hearts Experiment!

Here at Monkey Mind Madness, we are excited to make learning as fun and easy as possible. Cool science experiments will help your kids become confident, independent learners who love to grow and understand the world around them. The Dancing Hearts Science Experiment will pique your kid’s interest and get them excited about learning! It’s fun, easy, simple yet extremely effective and educational… A win for parents, teachers AND kids!

What you will need

1. Lemonade or 7-up

2. Clear drinking glass

3. Conversation heart lollies

4. Excited budding scientists!


Follow these simple steps to create your own Dancing Hearts Experiment

1. Find a clear glass and fill it up with 7-up or sprite 

2. Drop the conversation hearts into the sprite

3. Wait and watch them float and dance around the glass!



Check out our Instagram @monkeymindmadness for a video on how to create your own!