What To do With Big Feelings like Anger

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It’s normal for us all to have big feelings like anger. In fact, anger can be a really positive emotion to have, it can give us the motivation to get something done, create a fire in our belly and get us moving. However, anger can also cause us to hurt people we care about. Like our friends and family.

Knowing some incredible ways on what to do with anger will not only help us all become more confident independent learners but will also save many friendships. Below, us monkeys have put together three ways you can change anger from being something hurtful to something that motivates you.

What to do with Big Feelings like Anger

The Wooden Spoon Pillow Bash

Take a wooden spoon from the kitchen drawer, go to your bedroom or lounge chair and hit that pillow as hard as you can. Say out loud everything that is making you feel angry. Let it go!! This will feel so amazing and before you know it you’re feeling good as gold.

The Yelling Tree

This is where you get to use your voice and be heard. Go outside, find a tree, a nice big strong tree and yell at it. Get all those frustration and anger you have within out. The tree can take it, and you get to express how you really feel before finding someone to talk about it all with.

Write A Letter

Here you get to put into words everything you want to say – all your feelings and thoughts. Once you have them all down and feel calmer, then you can go and speak it out or take the letter, rip it up and throw it in the bin. Clarity and confidence follows once you have had a chance to express all your thoughts and feelings.